Too Far Away, Chapter 5…

Chapter 5: 


Despite her love for the music that was playing around her, the fun ambiance of the bar and the number of dancing people spread across the place,  Anna felt like she was almost in a daze. 

Seeing her husband with someone else has completely broken her. But what was worse was that everyone around her had seen it when she hadn’t. She could still vividly remember all of. her friends vividly warning her to be careful when she had shared with them how much she had missed Matt. 

She had made excuses when he had forgotten her birthday. She had forgiven when he hadn’t made time for her. She had even ignored when she found out that he was having a lot and a lot of fun. In fact, she realized now that everything so far, she had taken in her stride and trusted. Her biggest mistake. She had completely trusted her husband who had rewarded her trust with betrayal. 

The whiskey neat in front of her stayed untouched. Despite sitting in a bar full of people, Anna felt alone, exposed. She had uprooted her life for one guy. She was in a new city, with no friends, no place, no job and definitely, no husband. At least, not according to her anymore. 

Lost in her thoughts, almost wallowing in self-pity, Anna barely noticed anything that was happening around her. She was brought back to reality when she felt someone tap her over her shoulder. 

When she finally turned around, she came face to face with a stranger. He had light blue eyes, chiseled features, and gorgeous hair. He was muscular, yet no so much that he looked awkward. Instead, he looked charming and very casual. Something about the way his hair fell on his face seemed familiar to Anna, but she was too lost in her thoughts to notice his looks or wonder who he was. She couldn’t even realize that he meant to talk to her.

Instead, she assumed he wanted her spot, apologized and began to move to make some space. She passed the bar staff a couple of notes, paying for her untouched drink, and started walking away, towards the exit. It was only when she heard footsteps following her, did she realize that the stranger meant to talk to her.

She turned around, not in the mood to be hit on and simply said ‘Sorry, not interested’ and began to move away again. 

But before she could turn back around, he stopped her, his hand on her arm. Anna couldn’t help but tense up. She really wasn’t in the mood for this today. But before she could do anything, his words stopped her.

“Anna, don’t you remember me?”…

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