There is something called too much free time!

For almost all of us, ever since our childhood, one thing we’ve always dreamed of, is a long holiday.

Every summer, we’ve wished the entire year was a summer holiday. And the same went for the winter holidays and every small vacation we got.

Growing up, I never had a long break. I finished school and in about 2 months my bachelor’s started. I completed my bachelors and in about 6 months, my master’s began.

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

I know what you’re going to say. And no, I did not get 6 months off. I spent two of those halfway across the globe doing a summer intensive and one in a different country and one more worried about getting into university for my masters.

But yes, those were definitely 6 months that I enjoyed.

And then, of course, it was study, study, study with no free time until the end of that degree.

And then something happened!

Having completed my masters and looking for the right chance and opportunity to begin my professional career, I settled in at home with all time as free time, all set to apply and complete everything I needed to get done.

And trust me, this has been the most boring few months in my short, yet interesting life.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s been hectic applying for every position I find suitable for me, traveling a bit and all that. But with no upcoming exam or no new course to begin soon or no deadlines to meet, it has been way more boring and monotonous than I expected.

Even if I’ve got loads to do, it feels like I’ve got way too much free time. And there is only so much extra work and applying and all that to do. and yes, I have tried watching loads or films and TV series and all that. It is still way too much free time.

And there is no saving me from it. (HELP ME…!)

So yea, there is definitely something called too much free time. And hopefully, I shouldn’t have it for much longer. (Fingers Crossed!)

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