Too Far Away, Chapter 3…

So Far:

With a job offer in Anna’s hand that would get her a visa and take her to Matt, she knew they could pick up right where they left off. Her instincts were begging her to pick up the phone and tell him. But she wanted to surprise him. She knew it would be a surprise like no other. So that’s what she had decided to do, and that’s what she would stick to.

She had waited six months, she knew she could wait for one more if it meant she’d see him at the end of it. Things were finally looking up…


One month had flown by fast. Anna had expected it to be a long month owing to her lack of patience. But getting ready to move and preparing had taken up all month. And here she was. Finally. Amsterdam looked beautiful to her. And she was only one cab ride away from where Matt and his experiment was based.

She looked at her watch, it was almost 10 pm. She knew Matt would be at home and she couldn’t be happier for her timing. It was easy for her to find the taxi queue and hail a cab. She had managed to catch a hold of one of Matt’s friends and get his address and she was on her way to see her husband after a year apart with nothing but her love for him fuelling her.

She couldn’t believe that all this was actually coming true. This had been something she had been waiting for, for a long time now.

She could still remember his face, just as it had been, the day he had left. His eyes had held sadness that she had never seen in them before. She could see how much it was hurting him to make the decision to turn around and walk into the airport. And somehow, through it all, she had managed to be his moral support urging him to take the step, putting all of her trust in their relationship.

And today, she knew that it had all been worth it. She had uprooted her life, said goodbye to her friend, and walked away from a job she had loved. All to be with him.

“This is you, mate.”

The cab pulling up near an old building finally got her out of her thoughts. She paid the guy and stepped out.

It looked like an old neighborhood with beautiful building all around. From the way the place was laid out, she could gather that this was more of a residential area. She absolutely loved the place. Matt’s building was easy to identify with the building number all bright and big on the front. She even managed to lug her huge suitcase up the one flight of stairs. The only thought in her mind was how much she wanted to see Matt’s face when he finally realized that she had come all the way, especially when he hadn’t been expecting her.


What Anna had expected to see when Matt answered the door, was him in his relaxed state, watching some TV series and bored and relaxing after a hectic day at work. The scene in front of her when Matt answered the door was completely different.

She hadn’t expected to see Matt, half dressed, barely covering himself.

What surprised her, even more, was the naked girl with only a blanket around her peeping from the bedroom to see who it was.

To Anna, it felt like her whole world was crashing in on her. She had uprooted her entire life for this guy. She didn’t know what to do now. All she could do was stay frozen to the spot staring at her husband and the girl he was cheating on her with.

To be continued…

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