Too Far Away, Chapter 2…

So Far:

When Matt had told her about the opportunity, her immediate thought was of course how thrilling a chance it would be for him to go into the North Sea. And of course, when he had wondered about the distance and all the problems that would come in the process, she had brushed it aside.

And here she was, less than 2 weeks after he had left, already missing him to bits. If only she could talk to him, even if only for five minutes…

Chapter 2:

The letter had finally arrived this morning. She had been waiting for months and finally, it was in her hands now.

She had always known that long distance would be hard. She had always known that she wasn’t cut out for long distance relationships. Whether it was family, or friends or someone she loved, she had always anticipated that she wouldn’t be great at keeping in touch and keeping things alive.

It had been a year since they had begun this long distance thing. What had finally pushed them into it was the fact that they didn’t have a choice. It was either stay together in the same place at cra**y jobs or take a leap of faith and go somewhere where they would be able to at least succeed in their careers.

Ever since she had been a little girl, she had always known that if put in this situation, she would blindly choose her career. After all, love is never enough. And yet, when she finally found herself there, she had surprised herself by hesitating.

She had begun missing Matt less than 2 weeks after he had left, and now, months later, nothing had changed.  But now, after 1 year apart, 2 time zones, rare phone calls barely any communication, she had in her hands, the letter she had been waiting for since day 1.

She would finally be joining her husband halfway across the globe.

When Anna and Matt had eloped two days before he was due to leave, most of her friends were mad at her. They either wished they could’ve been there or thought Anna had rushed into things with Matt, after only having dated him for six months.

But Ana had never doubted things. Even if she had only dated Matt for half a year, she knew that they understood each other. And now, after 6 months of barely talking to her husband, she still knew for a fact that nothing had changed between them. With a job offer in her hand that would get her a visa and take her to Matt, she knew they could pick up right where they left off.

Her instincts were begging her to pick up the phone and tell him. But she wanted to surprise him. She knew it would be a surprise like no other. So that’s what she had decided to do, and that’s what she would stick to.

She had waited six months, she knew she could wait for one more if it meant she’d see him at the end of it.

Things were finally looking up…

To be continued.

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