Growing up, all my life, I was always excited to grow up. I was always waiting for the day when I would be classified as an adult. I realize now, however, that all that was because of how much life is glorified.

On television, you see carefree adults who look beautiful and do absolutely what they want to in life. At home, our parents always seem happy and doing what they want because they never want to burden us with their problems. At school, our teachers are the reigning participants who make us want to grow up and do our own thing instead of study and homework and all that.

I realize now that growing up, all these people seemed carefree because they never showed us the side where they were working their a**es off.

Now that I would be classified as an adult (legally), I finally realize how hard adulting actually is.

On the one hand, as an adult, I’ve got to get myself together, figure out what I want to do, figure out whether that’s the right thing to do, figure out if I’ll be happy doing it, fend for myself, eat healthily so I look good at uni or work and so much more.

Adulting was definitely not what people made it seem. But I suppose there’s definitely some perks too. But I haven’t gotten to the part where I’ve begun to enjoy most of these perks.

For now, I’m enjoying the chance to pick something I would like to do and pray to god that it works out.

Oh, and of course, work work work!

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