The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory, A Review…

Right, so almost in a romantic streak, the next novel I happened to read was ‘The Wedding Date’ by jasmine Guillory.

A light-hearted, beautiful romantic novel, this book follows the story of Alexa, chief of staff for the Mayor in Berkeley and Drew, a pediatric surgeon in LA. How they meet, how they get acquainted and what happens between these two makes the crux of the story.

Two strong protagonists who are worlds apart, it is an engaging and entertaining read observing how the two go from being strangers to a wedding date to a long distance relationship. Definitely, a great storyline that the author puts forth beautiful in an extemely engaging and fun novel. With romantic scenes, a few childish scenes and more, that book has something to offer for everyone. A story of a guy who isn’t ready to get into a serious relationship who falls in love and a girl who has too much to get done doesn’t want to fall in love but does anyway.

The problem with the book, however, comes midway. A narration that builds extremely well until the actual wedding dates, ends up a bit draggy after.

The best part about the novel is the attention the author gives to the two characters, their emotions, and their careers. Rather than just a love story, this one’s more of a holistic story of two people who are right for each other and how they actually end up together. With a realistic depiction, engaging storyline and relatable characters, the author gets her main points right. The way the author brings in the interracial component of their relationship in an extremely subtle manner is definitely applaudable too.

A simple, straightforward story with humor, romance, and entertainment put forth in a fun novel, it’s a book you’ll want to finish before you put down.

Overall, its definitely a fun entertaining read if that’s what you’re looking for. I’d give it 4.5/5.

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