My Single Friend by Jane Costello, A Review…

Reading after a while, I loved reading ‘My Single Friend’ by Jane Costello. An engaging and fun read, the book is a brilliant story structured in an extremely interesting fashion giving the readers a pleasant and happy read.

A fabulous read, the book is one that you can definitely not put down until you’ve read through it.

A very interesting and relatable character, the protagonist Lucy is just every other average girl with relatable features and characteristics that are extremely relatable to. Henry on the other side is an extremely charming, geeky guy who’s perfect, except he’s a little shy with girls.

And when the idea of a makeover comes up, it’s the perfect solution to help Henry out. So what can Lucy do when she finally realizes that she’s been in love with Henry the entire time. And now that he looks amazing and ladies are automatically attracted to him, Lucy might have pushed him away herself.

A quick paced start to a story that keeps up right till the end, the book, though a little predictable, is a definite page-turner. With funny, relatable and lovable characters, a relationship to love and get invested in, and the perfect story to bring it all together, it’s no wonder that the book is a definite hit.

I absolutely loved reading the book and would definitely recommend it.

I’d give it a 4.25/5.

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