A Tiny Little Bubble of Their Own…

Sarah sat on the sofa looking out the window. She was in her comfortable slacks, sitting in her favorite spot at home. She knew that there was so much she should be doing then. But somehow, she had absolutely no inclination to get up and get to work. Her spot was way too comfortable for that.

Sarah was 28, a single mom, working in the cutthroat financial field with a beautiful 2-year-old daughter to care for. Tiny Ava walking around in front of her was truly the apple of her eye. She had never thought that she would be able to love anyone this much. But Ava had proved that wrong.

Dressed in a baby pink flowy dress, a tiara on her head, and the elegance of a cat, Ava truly looked like the princess she was to her mom. Always happy and hyper, the little girl never faltered as long as her mom was in sight. After all, the little girl’s world revolved around her mom too.

The two lived in a beautiful tiny bubble of their own into which they seldom let others enter. They had each other, loved each other and were all each other needed. Outsiders had always only ruined their lives or made them sad or let their expectations down. It had become easier for the two to just trust each other and no one else.

But of course, there are always exceptions to each rule.

Kate was theirs.

A friend of Sarah’s since the two had been 15, Kate was Sarah’s best friend and Ava’s godmother. She was a part of their family and the only outsider who had felt like an insider in a long time.

Lost in her own thoughts, it took Ava climbing onto her lap to get Sarah back into the real world. She put her arms around the little one, cuddling her just the way the two loved. Ava’s father had abandoned the two of them the minute he had found out that Sarah was pregnant. It hadn’t mattered that they were married or in love or anything else. He had not been ready for a kid and had taken off instead of sticking by his family.  Sarah had not heard or seen him since the day. The last three years had been difficult for her, but Ava’s smile had always managed to keep her going. No matter what, she knew that she would do anything to keep the little girl happy, to give her everything she needed.

She finally got off her spot, putting Ava back on her feet and scurrying to find her Barbie. There was much work to be done and she knew she couldn’t delay it any longer.

So while the little girl playing with her doll, Sarah picked up the cloth and began scrubbing the house spotless for the guests who would be there early the next morning.

As much as they wanted to, they couldn’t stay in the bubble, sometimes, they had to step out.

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