One last time in the Social Hub…

After about 11 months, it was already time to leave. One year had not been enough…

I was sitting in my University’s social hub one more time. All of my work was done, deadlines past, studies done, masters complete. And yet, before I left, I had this craving to go sit in that sofa one more time and get some work done. So I decided to write my blog there.

In the past year, masters had demanded a lot. It had been a lot of work crushed into 11 months with barely any time to relax and chill and just more and more time that needed to be worked in.

When the year began, in the first few weeks, the Social Hub was a place to come chill, hang out with friends, play a game of Monopoly, and well, just relax.

As the year progressed, it became a place to come, sit and get some work done, a place to celebrate birthdays and a place you came to when there was a specific reason.

And now, at the end of the year, it is a place of peace and quiet, barely occupied that you came to when you wanted some silence.

For me, the place had stayed as a constant.

I was never one of those people who came and sat here and studied. I always preferred my room and the comfort it brought with it. But for the last couple months, as the place got emptier and emptier, I had gotten into a habit of coming here, sitting and getting my work done. This was because of the comfort that my room had started bringing. Which, clearly, was way too much.

But the hub, I could come to, sit and convince myself to work at least because I had taken the effort to get from my room to here.

And what am I trying to say?

I guess the hub is kind of the crux of my university life over this year.

I’ve never been the kind of person that put a lot of sentiment into things or places. But this year’s been very different for me. It’s been a year of learning, growing, and a lot of change. It’s been a chance to finally stand on my own legs, be independent and try and learn and get used to doing things by myself.

And being in this point in my life now where I have no clue exactly what comes next, I suppose there’s definitely a bit of reminiscence.

I’m going to miss university life. I’m going to miss being a student. But I definitely can’t wait to see what life throws at me next.

So here I am, sitting, one last time in the Social Hub before I leave. Before I leave to get to the next chapter of my life!

Cheers to every memory at this University. Cheers to every friend, colleague and family I’ve made and Cheers to whatever we all do next!

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