A Part of Her, Part 19…

So far:

He didn’t pity her for what happened. He was proud of her for the way she had carried on. He didn’t feel bad for her. He was amazed by how strong she was. It wasn’t a crush anymore. It wasn’t a fling or just something.

He loved her.

Of this, he had no doubt. He had fallen for her, hard. She was everything he needed in life. He knew then that he’d spend the rest of his life treating her like the queen she was. If she let him. If she’ll be his. But today would not be the right time to tell her. That he knew for sure…

Chapter 19:

A few weeks later…

It had been weeks since Emma had finally opened up and told him everything. It had been weeks since he had realized that he was insanely in love with his best friend. 

Over the last few weeks, Henry had been dying to tell Emma the truth. That he had called for her. But he had kept his feelings to himself. He had been doing everything he could to try and give her all the space she needed. And while he had managed to maintain distance from her in this aspect, he had also tried to be there for her in all other ways. He knew that she had told him one of the biggest secrets in her life. He knew how much courage and strength that must have taken her. He wanted her to be comfortable with him, for her to realize that her past did not matter to him, she was all that mattered to him.

The fact was, what she had told him hadn’t changed how he felt about her. Rather, it had strongly made him realize his feelings for her. And now, he was stuck in a situation where he couldn’t help but want to confess everything. And yet, he had a strong suspicion that telling her now would only make her think that he pitied her. He couldn’t let her think that. 

Henry had known Emma for more than a year now. He still remembered how she had looked that first day in his bar. He still remembered everything they had talked about that night. From that very first night, he had felt protective of her. He hated seeing her upset or sad or even mad. He had wanted her to be happy, always and never anything else. 

They had become fast friends. And this was definitely something new for Henry. He had always been the kind of a guy who didn’t get close to people that easily. And yet, when it had happened with Emma, it had felt natural. 

A lot had changed over this one year. For both of them.

Henry had gone from being a bartender who studied part-time to a psychologist. Emma had grown and gotten even better at her job and even been promoted. Neither of them were the people they had been when they met. 

And Henry wasn’t ready to stop the change there. 

He wanted to go from being her best friend to being more for her. He didn’t just want to be in a relationship or something simple with her. He knew for sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He wanted to marry her. And yet, he didn’t know if she even realized that he had these kinds of feelings for her.

He had always known that keeping emotions hidden was never the right thing to do. And he knew that sooner rather than later, he would have to tell her everything. He only hoped that when that day came, it would end the way he wanted it to…

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