The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Part 3

And so the day dawned. It was Day 5 of my vacation back home, and the day of the extremely anticipated ‘Sangeet’.

We were all dressed up, receiving guests, meeting the new family and having fun. And soon enough, the event began. We began with a super cute introduction to the Bride and the Groom, both looking extremely dashing and beautiful. The event began with them. They performed an extremely cute number for the family, capturing all of our attention, doubling the love we all had for them.

As a cousin of the Bride and I began hosting the event (a little awkwardly, might I add), the event began in earnest with games being played on stage (that I should add, the older generations in the family soon got bored off), people stepping out to take pictures at the photo booth, people enjoying the food, the delicious cake an aunt had made and well, enjoying themselves.

Once the request for the dance numbers started coming in almost a violent streak, we decided to postpone (I meant cancel) the games and begin with the point of the night. The Groom’s side of the family took over. We performed the hard practiced 3.5-minute routine that (thankfully) everyone loved (Shouldn’t say this myself, but we rocked). And right when everyone was still occupied and thinking about that brilliant performance, we disappeared, and we took the Bride with us. It was time for our first dress change of the event. Less than 10 minutes later, I, my sister and the Bride entered again, all decked up in prettier clothes giving the Bride her beautiful grand entrance. But of course, we’re a big crazy family. So it was no surprise when my two uncles hoisted my brother on their shoulder and onto the stage, giving him a grander entrance. (Like I said, Crazy Family that I absolutely adore to the core).

No surprise there and off the event went. A performance from the Bride’s side, a performance by the kids, a performance by a professional dancer and the best part of the night, the open dance floor. The night was truly lit. I’ve been to my fair share of Sangeet’s and this one was the best by far ( and no, I’m not saying that only cause it was my brothers’). It truly was as much fun as we had all hoped for, and in fact, better.

And that was how I spent my first weekend back home.

Day 6, I have no idea what I did. I’ve been breaking my head trying to remember. No, I did not get to relax, I can’t remember if there was yet another event, but something happened that day too!

But more importantly, Day 7 and Day 8. These were the days of the main functions. So in TamBram weddings, there are some extremely important rituals that revolve around the main wedding day. There’s a ‘Nitchyathartham’ which is sort of like a second engagement that happens right before the wedding. And that was what we woke up to the morning of Day 10. This was when we first went to the Mandapam (the Wedding Venue), so of course, we had a huge crowd of our family walking in, a huge crowd to welcome us, me and my sister, hand in hand with my brother all walking to Video Camera’s, professional photographers and all that. Oh wait, I think that might have been Day 6 when we went to the Venue.

Let’s just move on to Day 7, the Nitchyatartham. As the Groom’s sister, I had extra responsibilities, a few small roles in the rituals, a few moments with my soon-to-be sister-in-law and loads of taking photos with everyone. The event came to an end in a few short hours and I got a few hours of sleep before the main event of the day! The Reception ( Wedding Part of sorts)!

A wedding Reception in our culture is this huge grand event when the parents of the Bride and the Groom invite everyone important that they know to come, meet the couple and wish them all the best. Dressed in a beautiful dress and heels much higher (close to three inch) than the flats I’ve always worn, required to stay on stage for the entire 4-5 hours, by the time the event ended, I had met more people that I have my entire life, I was in enormous pain from the heels and tired to the core. But hey, the best part was the beautiful music by the renowned musician Rajesh Vaidhya and his beautiful renditions on the Veena that I was listening to for almost 2 blissful hours.

And so, Day 7 came to an end, more tired than ever and yet uncanny excitement. After all, in a few hours, my brother would be a married man.

And so, early in the morning, at close to 4 a, I woke up, ready and excited for the day. It was the day I had been waiting for. My brother was getting married.

I spent the next hour getting reading, wearing yet another beautiful saree my mum had got ready for me, decked up for my brother marriage. Off we left to the Mandapam, for the first part of the rituals. A few short rituals, me feeding my very soon-to-be sister-in-law and a few other things and off we went. The Bride for her dress change into the attire she would be married in and me, for well my next dress change (and hey, it was my brothers’ wedding, I’ll change just as many times as I want!). Soon we were back and it was time for tying the knot. So again, for a TamBram, the wedding is made official with a thread that is tied around the bride’s neck with 3 knots, 1 by the groom and 2 by the groom’s sister (yes, me! Yay! Yay! Yay!). The ritual came to a beautiful end, my brother a married man, and me with one more sister than I had before.

It was what we had all been waiting for. But no, Day 8 was not over yet! But that I’ll talk about in the next blog! Don’t forget to come and check it out! I think I’ll be done with a Part 4. Well, 5 at the most, I promise! Follow the blog, and read the rest of the story first!

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