The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Part 2…

Right, so back to the story of my trip back home to witness #TheBigFatIndianWedding.

Having finally managed to get some sleep the first night after a very long day, My *Day 2* at Home began earlier in the morning than I would have liked.

There was a pooja (a sacred ritual) scheduled at home and me and my cousins were woken up early in the morning to start prepping for the ‘Sumangali Prarthanai’. We were woken up, oil, kumkum, turmeric and a couple things were applied to us, (oil in the hair, kumkum in the forehead and so on..) and we were send off to bath and importantly wash our hair too.

Once everyone had arrived, the ritual was conducted and we gave blessings (yes, even the younger kids, which was a definite perk), we were served first, everyone else ate and the ritual came to an end.

But my day had just started!

A few short hours later, I was packed off and sent to another rigorous practice session! We were almost done with that song by this time and we were beginning to do alright too ( yes, only alright!). And then, of course, we got home, relaxed, ate and off we went, back to practice. At the end of yet another very tired day, we were finally sent off to sleep.

Day 3, weirdly enough was both more relaxed and more tiring.

All we did Day 3 was two practice sessions. No extra affairs. But at the same time, we were less than 48 hours away from the ‘Sangeet’. We had to get a move on, practice the**** off and learn the steps, perfect the actions and more. Energy was low, tempers were high and the dance was on!

The fun part about this day was my brother! For our morning session, he came along. He spent the first-hour having fun. He laughed at us for the first 40 minutes (we were all joking around and having fun), he had picked up the steps in 10 minutes (despite the fact that he wasn’t dancing) and he took pictures and videos for 10. He spent the other two hours bored (poor thing)!

The second session had its perks, it was our final session, we had learned everything and we were all set to rock and roll!

The other perk about Day 3 was all of that dressing up. We had a make-up artist home for a couple days who was helping all the ladies with the usual. I got my nails done, my eyebrows and it was a day of getting myself as pretty as I can for the what was to come.

I was what you’d call ‘dead tired’ that night. I should have seen it coming!

Day 4 was a sad day!

By this time, the entire family was in town. We were a day away from the festivities and all excited to begin enjoying.

It was my first day off since I had landed and I was looking forward to relaxing. And then I woke up!

It was the first day I got sick! Sick in the stomach, energy completely drained and tired beyond recognition, I spent my free day curled up on the sofa, visiting the doc and receiving an injection that made the part I got poked in continue to hurt for the next month and eating bland, healthy foods!

I spent the day watching my cousins practice at home, too sick to even stand upright! Yes, that was fun (and yes, that was sarcasm). I went to bed hoping to wake up stronger, hoping that I’d be able to enjoy myself in the function that was to come!

I was woken up Day 5! It was the day we had been waiting for for a long time! It was the day of the ‘Sangeet’!

I wouldn’t say I woke up normal. I was still sick but feeling much better. I was packed off early in the morning to the salon. My 10-months overseas had apparently returned me home much tanner than I was. I was sent off to get myself de-tanned.

By the time I got home, it was already time to move to the venue (I was lucky (not sarcastic here) to be in the first care that left to the hotel) to get checked in, dress up and get ready for the event.

A beautiful hotel and a great set up, we were ready soon,, hair, makeup and clothes done, checking out the arrangements and soon, welcoming guests.

I sucked it up! It was my brothers ‘Sangeet’ and there was no way I was not dancing my heart out.

Speaking of the ‘Sangeet’ and dancing my heart out…. oh that was an amazing day!

But hey, not going there now! Stay tuned to hear more and read Part 3!

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