A Part of Her, Part 15…

So Far:

Seeing Ben there had changed everything, yet again. She had gotten flustered and distracted and more than everything, hurt, again. But Ryan was right. Irrespective of what happened between them now, she knew she considered him one of her best friends. And she knew that this meant that she needed to tell him. For his sake and hers.

Chapter 15:

It had been over a week since Emma had run into Ben at the restaurant. And yet, a week later, the would still felt raw and fresh. For a major part, she knew that the way she had been overthinking about everything was the main reason she still felt hurt. And yet, there was still a huge part of her that couldn’t let go.

And today, today everything felt worse knowing that she was going to have to voice things out.

The sound of the clock striking 7 shook her out of her thoughts. Henry would be here soon.

She got off the couch and went on to put the pizza in the oven to heat it up. She had invited Henry over for dinner. She thought it was high time he knew who his best friend was and why she was who she was.

By the time Henry rang the bell, the pizza was out and she had set the den up for them to sit comfortably, eat and talk.

Henry was surprised by the effort Emma had put into getting the place ready for a harmless dinner. But the way she had invited him over had itself given him the feeling that tonight was more than just dinner. What he couldn’t figure out, however, was whether this was good or bad. So he shut up, waiting for Emma to tell him herself.

By the time the two of them had settled onto the couch with the pizza, Emma was beside herself with worry. She had genuinely begun to have feelings for Henry over the last couple of months. But more importantly, he had grown to be her best friend. And now, she couldn’t help but worry about how he was going to react to her story. About what he would think and about how his perception of her would change. She wanted to postpone this moment inevitably, but she knew she had already reached the end of that thread.

She looked around, trying to find some reason to not do this tonight.

Henry could see how nervous Emma was. He could also see how hard she was trying to keep it a secret. “What’s wrong, Em?”

She looked up, startled. ‘No point postponing any longer’ she told herself.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Something about me. Something I should have told you a long time back.”….

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