After A Break…

So I know I haven’t posted in about three weeks now. I had taken a few weeks off and gone back home for my Brother’s marriage. This meant an extremely hectic two weeks leading up to my vacation, a hectic two weeks of vacation and a hectic week after my vacation.

But here I am, back home (well, home for now) and finally back on track and of course, back to my love (writing)!

So to start it off again, here’s something I wrote on the plane, landing back into the UK.

Sitting there on the plane, descending down into the country she had begun to call home for about a year now, a pang of sadness engulfed her senses. 

The last two weeks had been…interesting for a lack of a better word. 

Back home, in the place she would always call home, in the place she had grown up with the entire family, the last two weeks were like none other in her life. 

It had been overflowing with love, engulfed with excitement, caught in the feeling she had missed in the past year. 

She has always been the kind of person who loved travelling, living in completely new places, learning about new places and having new experiences. The last year had given her all of that and she had enjoyed every minute. 

But now, landing back here she realised what she missed in life. She realised that she wanted to do all of that in her life but with her family. 

She wanted to travel and experience with someone by her side. 

And now leaving her entire family after two weeks of pure fun, she wished she could go back to them and just freeze time….

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