Oh No! Not Monopoly!

One of the household games across the globe, I’d say, is ‘Monopoly’. It’s a game that can bring people together, but more often than not, It is a game that killed relationships, created havoc and caused an uproar.

In India, they have an Indianised version of the game called ‘Business’. This meant that until I was in maybe fourth or fifth grade, I didn’t in fact even know about Monopoly. But I found out in fifth grade and I’ve been in love ever since. And don’t ask me what the difference between Business and Monopoly is, there’s not much.

However, despite loving the game and always wanting to plan, I didn’t often have a group of people who wanted to. Most people hated the game for how long it took to complete.

Fast forward to a decade later and I’m in University doing my masters halfway across the globe in the UK and my feelings towards the game have not changed. What had changed, however, is that I now have a group of people around me who actually want to play.

Its become a bit of a routine to meet at a friends house at about 10 pm, open up Monopoly and play into the wee hours till about 2 or 3 am.

Our last two games of Monopoly have in fact been a bit more interesting than usual.

So as we all know, Monopoly only ends when all but one of the players have gone bankrupt and bled out onto the board. So when we played last week, a friend planned extremely well, built his hotels away and we all knew there was no way anyone but him could win. After all, none of us had any money, we weren’t earning half as much as we would have to give him if we fell on his property and well, it was late and we wanted to go home to sleep.

So we did the sane thing. We accepted defeat, we said he won. We said and I quote, ‘Please let us go’. But no, he had us stay there until we all bled out. The last half hour was agonizing, and I am not exaggerating!

So you can understand our skepticism to play again. But the game definitely does have an irresistible charm. It was o surprise when 2 days later, we sat back down to give it another go.

Good for me, this time, I planned ahead, I got the monopoly’s and the hotels down even before anyone else had begun to build houses. And that worked to my advantage and well, I won ( đŸ˜‰ ). The fun part of this game (other than the fact that I won) was when towards the end, the last hour, we were laughing and enjoying it as people bled out and ultimately it got to a point where I had about three-fourths of the monopoly’s on the board with two other players with only one or two monopoly’s each. This game, however, also held a special charm with all of us having more fun than ever, laughing throughout and enjoying it right until the moment when we were kicked out because we were too noisy and it was 2 am and well, someone had complained.

So what am I trying to say? I have no idea.

I guess its just that I like playing monopoly, and I’m going to miss our late night game with this gang once I graduate.

If you haven’t played in awhile or ever, one piece of advice, Play! Don’t believe the stereotypes. You just might enjoy it!

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