A Part of Her, Part 12…

One month after the dinner…

Chapter 12:

Emma sat across the table from Henry. Over the last 2 months, she had grown fond of Henry and hanging out with him. She had, in fact, begun to consider him a close friend. It had been sudden and surprised her.

Someone who usually took awhile to get comfortable with new people, it had surprised her that she had gotten that close to Henry in only about two, maybe three months. He had gone from being some guy she had met at the bar to one of her close friends very soon.

And today, he had put her in another weird position by asking her out on a date.

She still wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about these shenanigans. But she had definitely not wanted to hurt his feelings. So she had said yes, to one date, on the condition that nothing would change between them if it didn’t work out.

She knew she would be lying to herself if she said she wasn’t worried. In fact, there had been a few instances when she had thought, for a second, about having something more than just friendship between her and Henry. But that had never been a very important thought for her. She knew for a fact that she was not ready for a relationship. And with Henry, she knew it would be serious and not just something casual. That made her even more worried for the friendship they had managed to nurture between them. Besides, knowing that she was still hiding a huge part of her life from him, made her even more wary.

From the way Henry kept fidgeting around, she knew he was nervous. She just hoped they would be able to be themselves with each other as they always had.

She looked around at the restaurant he had brought her to. It was one of the fancier ones and looked absolutely beautiful. The soft music in the background, the beautiful lights, the stunning flowers and the candlestick on the table, she almost felt a little out of place. And yet, there was still a sense of slight peace in her that she was, after all, here with Henry.

He had always had that effect on her. He had always made her feel comfortable and safe when she was with him. Right from day 1.

She turned her attention back to the guy in front of her. He was dressed up in a formal shirt and black jeans that made him look much more handsome that she had ever thought he was. He had his hair normal and tousled, the way she liked it. And he was smiling at her with his usual crooked grin that always made her smile, automatically.

He cleared his throat and continued talking. They had just ordered and their drinks were already in their hands.

The conversation was easy, the company comfortable and the night absolutely perfect. By the time dessert was served, she felt much calmer about the date that she had been since he had asked her out. She felt like this might actually work out.

Suddenly, she heard a voice right behind her, ‘Hi Emma’.

To be continued…



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