A Quiet Place (2018), A Review…

A little over a month since it’s release, I finally watch the film ‘A Quiet Place’ last week with my friends.

Never a big fan of horror or thriller films, I was a bit skeptical initially. Having read the plot of the film, in-depth, recently, I  felt a bit prepared and sat in the theatre with my popcorn and coke, looking forward to it.

Right, so before I tell you about how it went, the story. A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski starring him in the lead role alongside Emily Blunt is the story of Earth in a new predicament. With most of the population having been wiped out by a hoard of sightless monsters with extremely sensitive hearing, the Abbott family scavenge deserted towns for supplies conversing only through sign language. A family of 5 with the youngest, Beau, a four-year-old they soon lose him when he activated a shuttle causing a noise that makes him an instant target.

About a year later, with another sibling on the way, the family is now making preparations for the baby. How they survive, that’s the big question.

A movie with almost no talking, one can imagine how important the sound effects are. This becomes even more important in a thriller. Music by Marco Beltrami compliments the story perfectly, scaring the audience at all the right places and bringing forth emotions every once in a while.

Emily Blunt does an amazing job as Evelyn Abbott portraying a very believable character, enticing us and encapturing us. John Krasinski. of course, as Lee Abbott delivers splendidly. More importantly, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, and Cade Woodward do a splendid job, mastering acting and the sign language at a young age and delivering an alluring performance.

And of course, editing by Christopher Tellefsen brings it all together giving us the perfect thriller.

And hey, if there’s a sequel coming out, as is the word, this is one thriller movie I’m really looking forward to.

Overall, A Quiet Place is a great movie with several successful jumps scares, an encapsulating story and great performances.

I would definitely recommend it, as long as you’ve got a strong stomach. I’d give it a 4.5/5.

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