A Part of Her, Part 11…

Till Now:

Henry felt this connection with her that he had never felt. She had become his friend fast and his confidante even faster. She made him feel like he was worth something. And just her presence in his life encouraged him to be a better man. And yet, despite all that, all that he could think of, sitting on her sofa staring at her TV, was the sight of her in front of him, dripping wet in a towel.

He shook his head, trying to rid himself of his thoughts, failing at it miserably. He knew that she was definitely not ready for a relationship and this might very well ruin their friendship. But now, he was unsure how long he could actually hide his feelings…

Chapter 11:

Ryan took a hard look at Henry from the corner of his eyes. It was obvious to him that the guys’ mind was definitely not on whatever was playing on the TV. He had a dazed look in his eye that made it seem like he was elsewhere, a thousand miles away.

Ryan had known Emma since they had been in school. For years now, he had been her best friend. He knew everything about her. Over the years, he had even started to feel very protective of her. Whatever happened, he knew that she’d always be there for him and for him, she had always been a priority.

Over the last month, the three of them had been hanging out quite a bit. Ryan almost felt like he knew Henry. But of course, he had only known the guy a month. Ryan didn’t know how much he trusted him, especially with his best friend.

It had taken Emma the better part of a year to get the position she was in now. There was no way he’d let anything happen that would put her in a worse position. But with Henry, it seemed different. Someone who didn’t usually make friends that quick, Emma had gotten real close to Henry real fast. But it had seemed natural. They fit perfectly in each other’s lives. Emma never had told him that she actually had feelings for Henry. It had seemed more like she looked at him as friends.

But looking at the way Henry was still lost in his thoughts, Ryan was almost sure that the guy liked Emma…. a lot! He had got the feeling that the guy would be gentleman enough to give Emma her time. At least he hoped so…



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