A Part of Her, Part 8…

Till Now:

It was always nice to hang out with Ryan. He had a way with her that made her comfortable and forget all else. They enjoyed a nice meal, he drove her home, they watched a horror movie together and they sat up talking way past anyone’s bedtime. They talked about the past, the present, what they wanted in the future. They added more things to their bucket list, laughed uncontrollably at random things and just enjoyed each others company.

Seeing Henry last night had given her a weird feeling. She hadn’t expected it at all, but she had realized that after that night talking, she had also missed him a bit. Before she went to sleep, she had texted him, asking if he wanted to hang out during the weekend and hoping for more plans for the weekend when she woke up, she finally went to bed.

Maybe life wouldn’t turn out as bad as she had expected…

Chapter 8:

Life had always been like this for her.

She would have just managed to get herself upright, in a good position, with her career, her emotions, her life and all of it. And right then, right when she would just get back to being fine, that was when life would knock her off her legs. Something small, inconsequential would happen and she would be right where she started. This time was no different.

A month after s**t had gone down, she had finally managed to move on. She wasn’t thinking about him, she was doing well at work, she hung out with Ryan as often as he could and she had even hung out with Henry once or twice.

Sitting in a corner in her room, she realized now that she should have realized that not everything was as rosy as it seemed. It never was.

TRRRINNNNNNGGGGG……..’, her phone went off again. It had been ringing on and off for the past hour but she hadn’t had the energy to get to it. In fact, she knew she didn’t have the energy to talk to whoever was on the other hand. But of course, she did also have this nagging feeling that it was probably Ryan.

She had been home for about two hours now. She had come in, and sat down and hadn’t moved since. Ken always had that effect on her.

The thought stopped her mind abruptly. It had been weeks since she had even let herself think his name, think about him and acknowledge him to herself. But of course. He had always been good at getting under her skin. Too good at it, in fact.

The shrill sound of her phone going off again cut her out of her mental conversation. She crawled to where she had dropped her bag and dug her phone out. By the time she had got it in her hand, the call had already gotten cut. She had 8 missed calls from Ryan. No surprise there. But the last one had been from Henry.

She called Henry back, knowing it would be the shorter conversation. He picked up almost immediately.

“Hey, sorry I couldn’t catch you earlier, I was a bit caught up. What’s up?” she asked as soon as he picked up.

“Heyy, don’t worry about it. I wanted to ask if you wanted to come hang out at the bar tonight. I’m supposed to be working for a couple hours, though you could come by towards the end and we could hang out for awhile. What say?” he asked.

The idea of getting out of her house was tempting, but she knew she would just be bad company today. Besides, she knew she’d rather watch a movie at home. “Umm, sorry, I’m not really feeling like getting out today. Maybe another time?”

“Oh, no worries, I’ll come over after my shift and we can watch a movie or something. I’ll see you at 9.” saying that, he cut the call before she could refuse.

It felt a little weird to her that he was coming over. She knew she’d rather just wallow in self-pity today. But at the same time, the idea that he was coming over also made her feel almost glad for the company. It would be nice to have him over. It helped that he didn’t know what was on her mind. She didn’t want any sympathy. In fact, she wanted to forget.

Lightened by the idea of a better evening than she had anticipated, she dialed Ryan’s number. This was going to be a long call and he was going to be pissed that she had ignored his calls. Well, at least she had a good enough reason…

To Be Continued…

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