My Husband the Stranger by Rebecca Done, A Review…

One of the things about novels that make me fall in love with reading was the ability of certain novels to capture someone’s attention and hold it! One book that had done this for me after a long time is ‘My Husband the Stranger’ by Rebecca Done.

An emotional story with so much depth and love, this is definitely one of those novels that I have enjoyed a lot recently.

My Husband the Stranger by Rebecca Done, A Review...
My Husband the Stranger by Rebecca Done, A Review…

The plot follows the story of Molly and Alex, once happily in love and married, until everything takes a turn for the worse. Alex suffers from an accident that leaves him with permanent damage to the brain. Overnight, her husband becomes someone else. Someone completely different. Someone who might not love her as much anymore. Despite having help from her parents, Alex’s twin brother Graeme, and friends, it still isn’t easy. It definitely doesn’t help that Alex’s ex Nicola seems to be around more often than she should be. Molly is at the end of the wire with no energy left, barely holding on to the one job she had to resort to, with no choice but to come home every day and take care of her husband who she doesn’t recognize anymore. Will her love for Alex tide her over? Will Alex be able to remember how much he loved Molly?

Well, you’re just going to have to read to find out.

With a very meaningful and engaging storyline with so much depth and much more to every character than you’d imagine, this is one of the most interesting reads I have had in recent times.

Including twists and turns and more of everything that you would want, this is one novel you’ll want to read till the very last page of the epilogue.

This is definitely one novel I’d recommend to everyone! I’d give it 4.25/5.


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