A Part of Her, Part 6…

So Far:

They sat there talking for hours until the sun rose. And even then, they sat there enjoying the view, getting to know each other. It was a bliss. It was a feeling they had never felt before. And they loved it. It was weird feeling like they knew and understood someone they had only met that day. And yet, it felt like they’d known each other for years.

By the time they left, there was a sense of security and comfort that they felt for each other. This was one they would hold on to for years…

Chapter 6:

It had been a little over a week since that night at the beach. Emma’s mind seemed to be stuck in contemplation of what had been and what could have been.

She kept thinking about everything that had happened in her life. Her mind was stuck in the past. And yet, at the same time, she kept thinking about Henry and that night they had ended up spending together.

They hadn’t met or talked since that night, but she kept thinking about him.

It had been a great night. They had gotten to know a lot about each other. They had shared childhood memories and breakups and heartbreaks. But Emma hadn’t shared the reason she had been in the bar that night. She wasn’t ready to share that memory yet. She knew that for the time being, she wanted that memory and that part of her life to be just that, a part of her life!

But she knew, in her heart that until she held on to that secret, she would be unable to build up a new chapter in her life. It would be too big a secret to not have shared first.

She was doing it again. Overthinking everything and making it worse for her.

She shook herself trying to rid her of her train of thought.

She looked around her office. The place seemed, for a lack of a better word, perky. Everyone was up and about, discussing clients, discussing the upcoming weekend or well, just having fun. She, on the other hand, seemed to be doing a great job being the gloomy one in the gang.

She could see her boss, Kevin, sitting at the other end of the office. He was the one other person in the office who wasn’t up and about. He instead was concentrating on his Mac. He green eyes were engrossed on whatever he was looking at, his forehead wrinkled with concentration. Almost as though could feel her staring at him, he suddenly looked up, right at her. Caught staring, she smiled and he gave her a small smile back before he returned to his screen.

Feeling a bit awkward for a reason she couldn’t fathom, she went back to what she had been doing. It was the last of her work for the week and after this, she been free for the weekend. She almost wished this wasn’t the case.

The brief she was working on then was for one of their bigger clients. She had already gotten most of the work that came with it done. And now, all she had left was to finish up writing that brief she was working on. She would have to finish it before she could pass it on to the creative team to get their homework for the weekend done.

She loved working at ‘Warehouse’. They were one of the biggest agencies in London with several big shot clients and some great work.

A part of the marketing team there, she had been here about 2 years now, and she still loved every day. In fact, work was the part of her life she enjoyed the most. She loved what she did and she didn’t even mind the long hours.

All the great food across the office and home which was less than 10 minutes away definitely helped.

And yet, today, she was distracted. The idea of the upcoming weekend with absolutely nothing to do and the idea of just her and her mind in her house almost seemed scary.

She would have to make plans with Ryan. She almost felt like she kept making him hang out with her all the time these days. Aah well, she knew he adored her, and well, more importantly, she knew he’d understand. Besides, he always managed to find something to do.

With the thought almost cheering her up, she texted him about the weekend and went back to her brief. Her weekend looked much better to her now….

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