My first-world Apple Problems…

In my last Musings post, I had already mentioned that I ended up being sucked into the world of Apple. And with a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad, life was good!

Here I need to emphasize that it’s been a little over three years since I got my iPad and thankfully, it’s been working great and pretty well despite its old age.

However, recently, my iPad has been giving me some problems. And this was a problem that I sometimes, even faced with my comparatively younger iPhone.

Every time I would connect the device to my mac to either transfer something or sync with iTunes again or anything like that, my device would get connected, it would be detected by iTunes and then everything would gay haywire. The device would rapidly get connected and disconnected from the computer and iTunes and ultimately be a huge issue for me by not allowing it to sync.

I obviously googled it, and I came up with a couple of solutions.

  1. On the iPad tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy. This will reset your location and privacy settings and require you to set up a trust relationship with the PC/laptop again.
  2. Restarting both your Ipad and the Macbook and then connecting
  3. It was connected to the USB port that was closest to the SD Card slot… I moved it another USB slot away from the SD card and voila – worked perfectly, instantly.

None of these sadly helped my case. I somehow managed without synching my iPad and figuring a midpoint for my iPhone. But recently, I decided to reset my iPad and this meant that I was left with an iPad with no data and I just had to sync it.

So I left on my second mission to find a solution. And voila, I found this.

  1. Charge ur iPad to full battery 100% and connect it to your mac. It’s just that iPad tend to disconnect from low power connection. This should solve the problem.

This one actually solved my problem. And it worked for both my iPad and my iPhone.

So here’s me, sharing my experience, hoping that any one of these solution’s work for you. Fingers crossed!

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