The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult, A Review…

We are no strangers to stories of rape or physical abuse. We’ve read from the girl’s perspective, we’ve read from the guy’s perspectives and we’ve also read from a third person’s perspective.

But the first time I read about it from the parent’s perspective, especially in a way that focused holistically on the family rather than just the victim was in Jodi Picoult’s ‘The Tenth Circle’.

A novel about a father-daughter relationship with a focus on date rape, this novel is an extremely interesting and fascinating read.

The plot follows the story of Trixie Stone who accuses her ex-boyfriend, Jason Underhill, who she was clearly not over, of raping her. Her father, Daniel, a comic book artist with a dark childhood and her mother, Laura, a college professor sleeping with a student get involved, trying to help their daughter until suddenly, Jason jumps off a bridge. The case goes from rape to suicide to murder. In another twist in the plot, Trixie runs off to her father’s childhood home.

The story follows the teenager, the mild-mannered father, and the flabbergasted mother all the way until the end, to the biggest twist of all.

A very interesting story put forth in an engaging way, this book provides for a simple look into a father-daughter relationship and everything a family could go through in situations like these.

Another important note when it comes to this novel; throughout, the novel continues to heavily reference Dante’s ‘Inferno’ in several places.

And of course, there Daniel’s latest comic for the readers to read and enjoy as they go on.

Overall, a great book and a definitely good read. I’d give it 3.75/5.

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