The Obsession with Apple…

Right, so growing up, I was one of those kids that didn’t have a phone until I had finished my schooling. I still remember, my exams got over on a Saturday, and Monday, my dad took me to the phone store to get me my very first mobile phone! Of the options available, I went for an HTC Desire 500. That phone will always be ‘bae’ to me. Close to a year and a half after, I went for my second phone and this time, I chose to buy it online and based on suggestions, chose the Xiomi Mi4.

I have a feeling that phones have a thing against me, and so a year and a half later, my Mi4 screen cracked and wouldn’t work, my parents got me  Samsung basic phone to tide me over for a bit and that got lost in a week and then I had the Mi4 repaired cheap and was using it, quiet and determined to not ask for more after the horrendous history I was  developing with phones.

A little less than a month later, my brother gifted me an iPhone 7 and me, I took it, with tears in my eyes and hoping that this time, History didn’t repeat itself. And here I shall mention, thankfully, it hasn’t.

Right, but moving on to my point, I’ve had an iPad for about 3 years and now I had an iPhone to go with it. So of course, 6 months later, when it was time for me to buy myself a laptop for my masters, I bought myself a MacBook Air!

So there, all of a sudden, without meaning to or planning it, I was officially a part of the apple family.

And to be very honest, Apple has served me well! I must admit, there is definitely a chance that I would have been able to do everything I do with a windows laptop and an android phone and my iPad. I would have gone about life with no problems. But once you get used to ios, it definitely does give you a sense of Sophistication and professionalism. That, for me personally, is just something that comes automatically with Apple products.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I completely understand the world’s obsession with Apple.

But of course, it must be stated that the other end of the balance is a set of people that absolutely hate Apple.

True, ios does require more specific app’s and software and all that. You might end up not being able to use a host of things you used to and not able to stay the same as you used to. But well, anything in this world you take, some people will like it, others won’t.

Me, I’m the kind of person that couldn’t actually care less, as long as I know how to use it and it works. 😉

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