My homesick story…

I’ve never been the kind of person that got homesick or wanted home food or anything of that sort right after I went somewhere overseas. But in all honesty, I suppose the longest I’ve been away from home, alone, was two months.

The first time I spent an extended amount of time overseas was when I flew off to Lancaster for my Masters. It was one year of me, myself and just me.

The first 5 months flew by. I got settled in, got used to the new place, got used to the weather, enjoyed the newfound independence, and all that and more. While all my friends were majorly homesick in the second month, I was off discovering places and enjoying myself.

The sixth month, however, was a bit different for me. I was tired of cooking and eating my own food every day. In fact, I started outright not liking anything I cooked. I might have also been a bit lazy, to be honest. I preferred staying in my room getting my work done to going out. I preferred Netflix and Indian movies to going to the theatre. I survived on Dosa’s and Bread and cornflakes and well, as many snacks as I could get my hands on. In retrospect, I am not sure what I could have done differently, but I sure am glad that I got over it soon.

Any new place you go to has so much to offer. It is natural to miss home and yearn for that comfort of what you’ve always been used to. But that right there is the adventure of life. If you stayed in one place, right there in your comfort zone, you might just end up staying there you’re entire life.

And then, one day, you’ll regret not having seen the world! I suppose it’s as simple as finding a part of that comfort zone everywhere you go! Do things out of your comfort zone and trust that you’ll find a new one!

I did, and I’m sure you can too!

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