Simply Divine by Wendy Holden, A Review…

The next in my series of Novels was one that I borrowed from a cousin!

‘Simply Divine’ by Wendy Holden follows the story of Jane, a writer for one of the leading women’s magazines. Stuck in a rut in her relationship and now stuck in what could only be her worst assignment yet, Jane has to learn to stand up for herself and go after what she really wants. Jane is stuck writing a weekly update blog in secrecy for socialite Champagne D’Vyne who can’t remember what she did or who she recently dated. If that isn’t enough, Jane is stuck in a boring relationship with a man who can’t seem to give her even a little attention. In the middle of all this, she also has to help her best friend in her hardest time yet when she needs her the most!

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

You’re going to have to read the book to find out how it goes for Jane with Champagne, and how that relationship of hers works out. But hey, spoiler alert, a light at the end of the tunnel in her romantic life as she falls for a man so hard who soon disappears on her. Will she find him? Will it work out? You’ll have to read to know.

A very well written novel, Wendy Holden has done a splendid job in writing the story is such a manner that attracts the attention of the reader throughout the novel not letting you put the book down until you’ve read through it completely.

A refreshing look at the young adult genre of novels in a different storyline with relatable characters and a writing to wow the reader! The book is a definite must-read if you’re even remotely interested in the genre!

I’d give the book at 4/5.

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