A Part of Her, Part 1….

She knew she shouldn’t have another drink. She knew she was already tipsy and another drink would just push her over the edge! But there was some part of her that didn’t want to stop. That part of her that wanted to be inebriated. A part of her that she had kept locked for a while now. And today, that part of her that wasn’t stuck anymore. That part of her was rearing its head and plotting to overtake her.

She signaled the barkeep, asking for another round for the group. He nodded back at her and went about getting drinks for the huge noisy group that had crowded the bar for the last two hours. But he wasn’t complaining, they’d been here awhile and they were giving him a lot of business. The girl though, the one that had just asked for another round, he had a feeling there was something wrong with her. She was battling with something she was mulling over and drowning it with alcohol. He knew this wasn’t helping her but he didn’t want to cross any boundaries by saying anything. Besides, it looked like she was with someone.

He turned and took another look at her. She was definitely what you would call pretty. Big eyes that were even innocent to an extent. She had long hair and it suited her perfectly. She was pretty!

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

And there he was. Friend, date, he didn’t know. The guy who seemed to be stuck to her side wasn’t what you’d typically call handsome. But I suppose he had a kind of charm. He had that whole ‘knows what he’s doing’ kind of a thing going on for him. He gave her a hug. She almost seemed to cling on to him for support. But that right there, the way she hugged him back, it was clear. He was a friend. It felt like she almost loved him to an extent, but yea, definitely not in a romantic way.

For whatever reason, this realization made him happy. He had seen her for the first time only a couple hours back. He hadn’t spoken more than 10 words with her, he didn’t know her name and he knew nothing about her. And yet, he felt this strong urge to abandon everything else and just go to her, give her a hug, assure her that everything would be alright, and then make everything alright for her.

He had never felt like this about anyone before. He had come across many upset girls over the years he had part-timed as a barkeep. But none of them made him feel like she did.

He shook his head, trying to rid him of these extensive thoughts he was having. He took the drinks to her and her group. The group seemed to almost dive in for another drink. She, on the other hand, leaned back letting them take their drinks and when the group had subsided, took hers, giving him a small smile and handing him her card.

By the time he had handed the card back to her, she was already done with her drink. When she didn’t move to order another drink, he gave her another smile and turned. He had to stop obsessing about her and get back to work……

To be continued…..

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