Planning a Trip to Edinburgh, Your Ultimate Guide, Part 4: Other Sightseeing Spots…

Planning a trip to a new place can definitely be hard. There’s always so much to do and so much to see and more often than not, not enough time to see it all. But even if some spots might not fall into one of your favorite categories, there’s almost always sightseeing spots that you just can’t miss. So here’s the list of sightseeing spots in Edinburgh, and how much I enjoyed them!

View from Arthurs Seat!
View from Arthurs Seat!

1. Arthur’s Seat
One of the most beautiful treks I have had the chance to go on with the perfect view at the top, Arthurs Seat is one sightseeing spot that is a definite must if you’re ever in Edinburgh. With two routes to the top, it is absolutely worth it when you get to the top.



Holyrood Park, Pc: Google
Holyrood Park, Pc: Google

2. Holyrood Park

Having said that you must go to Arthurs Seat, it is worth mentioning that Arthurs Seat is in fact in the middle of a beautiful place, the royal park, Holyrood Park. A beautiful Park littered with a few building, not in the middle of the hustle and the bustle of the city, it is a definitely enjoyable trip to take even if you’re not planning to trek up to Arthurs Seat.

Carlton Hill
Carlton Hill

3. Carlton Hill

Not that often mentioned in the general tourist sites for Edinburgh, Carlton Hill is, in fact, a small hill in central Edinburgh with several iconic monuments. More often than not, the hill and its monuments can be seen from almost all around the city with a beautiful view from the top with not too much of a hike to the top!


St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral

4. St Giles Cathedral

A historic church located close to the center of the town on the Royal Mile, St Giles Cathedral or the High Kirk of Edinburgh is a beautiful church with some of the best architecture and planning and designs you’ve seen in churches. With the Thistle Chapel, beautiful Stained Glass and several memorials, this is a church you’ll enjoy walking around!

Scott Monument, Pc: Google
Scott Monument, Pc: Google


5. Scott Monument

And last but not least, a gothic building located very close to the Waverly Railway Station on Princes St, the Scott Monument is a beautiful building that you just can’t miss with a lovely look about it and definitely a place that you can stand for a minute, take a couple of pictures of and a couple of pictures with!




So there you go, that’s all that I know about Edinburgh! I hope I’ve covered enough and you guys enjoy! Cheers!


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