Aruvi (2017), A Review…

One of the more brilliant films I’ve seen in recent times, Aruvi, is definitely a movie that everyone’s got to watch. A very realistic and thought-provoking film, Aruvi is stellar quality film put together with brilliant acting, direction, and cinematography that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

A socio-political drama, directed by Arun Prabhu, Aruvi follows the life story of a young girl stuck in a world where she doesn’t fit in, alone and in anguish. In flashback sequences, the story is revealed as Aruvi, an innocent gentle girl grown up in a loving family with great friends. Despite her friends indulging in substance abuse, she remains a strong independent female who follows her own morals. All of a sudden though, her family turns against her, she moves in with a friends, but she has to move out. She moves into what seems like a hostel and finds a friend. Through all this, she everyone associated with her are being investigated for something. Exactly how the blanks are filled and who really is ‘Aruvi’ is exactly what makes up the movie!

For his debut directorial venture, Arun Prabhu has done an outstanding job. He’s managed to make sure that the film captures the attention of the viewers, make them annoyed with the lack of information, but very soon, cry and laugh with Aruvi. Similarly, a debut actress, Aditi Balan delivers a splendid performance and a character very believable.

Filled with new faces except for Lakshmi Gopalaswami, the small budget film did wonders in the theatre, and there’s no doubt why.

Brilliant direction, splendid acting, great cinematography, good editing with a few off spots, and a must know storyline, Aruvi is a great film!

A definite must watch for an emotional ride with one of the best films in recent Kollywood history! And even if you don’t know the language, this is one film that you can take the effort of watching with subtitles!

I’d give it a 4.75/5.


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