The Sinner (2017), A Review…

One of the recent TV series that came out and has been going viral ever since ‘The Sinner’ is not the kind of series I usually see. But after I kept hearing about it from my friends, I got to a stage where I decided I’d watch it for myself and decide if I liked it or not!

A Crime drama mystery, The Sinner follows the story of a young mother Cora Tannetti who attacks a stranger in broad daylight in public.

The Sinner (2017)
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Based on a novel of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr, the series is a one season, 8 episode, close-ended series that follows Cora’s story as she attempts to understand why she killed a man she couldn’t recognize. Soon she’s trying to remember 2 months of her life during which she remembers nothing and no one’s seen her.

Her one hope through the ordeal is Detective Harry Ambrose, a man with his own problems, who can’t seem to shake off the feeling that there’s much more to Cora’s story than what has been revealed so far.

Overall, the series is an interesting story with a darker outlook on the story and the events.

The series received a positive review from most of the audience, with an engaging storyline and good direction.

But it is important to mention that while the storyline is brilliant, the series does not grip the audience. While you wouldn’t stop watching it, exactly, this doesn’t seem to be one of those series where you couldn’t stop watching until you finish.

Well, if you’re into a little gore and a lot of mystery, I’d definitely suggest it to you.

I’d give it 3.75/4.

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