Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, A Review…

A kid when the first film came out, I was always a fan of the idea or the concept or rather the story of ‘Jumanji’. So when the new film came out, I automatically went to watch the film at the local theatre.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,A Review...

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Black Jack, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas, the film follows the story of 4 teenage kids who get stuck in detention in the basement. They end up playing an old video game called ‘Jumanji’. While unable to choose the first character, they end up selecting the other 4 in the 5 character game. The minute they begin playing, however, they get sucked into the game and end up in the Jungle of Jumanji with no choice but to play the game, finish and win in order to get back to their lives in the real world. On their journey across the jungle and the various levels, they run into the first character they couldn’t choose when they began their game. As the game continues, they soon figure out that the co-pilot is actually Alex Vreeke who had been missing for about 20 years.

Overall, the movie is a great watch with abundant comedy and adventure. It’s got action, romance, humor, fantasy and still, manages to keep the audience entertained and not feeling ultimately stupid.

Jack Black delivers to his usual standards, not disappointing the fans. Dwayne Johnson, of course, attracts attention with his oozing charm and manages to seem like the typical game playing a nerdy teenager in an adult body. Karen Gillan impresses with her style, grace, and looks while delivering a stunning performance. Kevin Hart adds to the humor element with his well-delivered performance.

So overall, even if it is a movie for kids, it’s definitely a movie everyone will enjoy.

I’d give it a 4.25/5.

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