Mersal (2017), A Review…

A huge fan of Vijay ever since I was a little kid, Mersal is right on top of my Top 10 Vijay movies list! Albeit late, this is definitely a film I wanted to write about.

So yea, Mersal saw all 4 of the lead characters in relatively new avatars, all of who did a splendid job.

Nithya Menon pulls off the role of an urban housewife with ease, making it truly believable and looking like she was playing herself. Compared to very different roles like in OK Kanmani, it is clear that she is an actress to behold with brilliant talent. Kajal Aggarwal while in a comparatively usual role, plays her part brilliantly. Samantha, as usual, delivers a truly outstanding performance.

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Vijay manages to juggle all 3 roles perfectly, making them believable. In a movie as intricate as this, he manages to portray a difference in his characters to showcase their own personalities while making sure that these differences aren’t too obvious to make the plot obvious.

Having said that, it took me a second time watching the movie to truly understand which scenes showed which characters. Brilliant job by the director Atlee and Vijay.

The cinematography makes the movie picture perfect while not making it stand out. And of course, editing is perfect. Especially the parts, specifically in songs, where the editor uses slow motion to emphasize on the characters and the story truly make in an enjoyable experience.

Romance, Tragedy,  Happiness, Sadness, Action, Adventure, Betrayal, Power and every other genre you can think of in a beautiful package. A typical commercial film with the perfect mix of all the right elements, it is a definite must-watch.

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