La La Land, A late Review…

Almost a year after the film released, there would be no point in writing a review for this film. After 14 nominations in the Academy Awards and 6 that it took home, there’s very little left to be analyzed in this film. So here’s my unbiased opinion and what I thought when I finally watched the film last week, instead.

A musical, La La Land follows the story of Mia Dolan, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian Wilder, a struggling jazz pianist. It follows the story as they coincidentally come into each other’s lives, fall in love, realize their dreams and make it in life.

A simple enough story at that, every other single thing about the film came together perfectly to make it the beautiful piece of art it is.

Without much experience in Hollywood films, it was refreshing to Ryan Gosling in a role like this. He pulled it off in what seemed like perfect ease.

While Emma Stone would not have been my first choice for the role, she gets her character through to the audience, convincing us of her role. And I must say, beautiful voice.

Someone with a weird tastier music, if I had listened to the songs separately, I probably wouldn’t have been impressed. But listening to it along with the film was a whole different thing. The music perfectly goes along with the story and the cast and the flow of the story, making for a brilliant musical.

With brilliant cinematography, flawless editing and perfect direction, and amazing direction, the film is a definite must see.

Coming from someone that is usually not a huge fan of musicals, it is clear that every aspect of the film pulls it together into a beautiful watch.

A fan of happy endings, I would have much rather preferred for Sebastian and Mia to end up together, but for the storyline, it was the perfect ending.

So there you go, a 4.5/5

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