My Contradictions with Winter

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the winter.

Winter meant a colder weather, beautiful climates, sometimes snow and sometimes hail. Winter meant a relief from the usual routine in life.

I have to admit, I grew up in Chennai, a coastal city in South India where the weather was pretty much the same throughout the year.

This might sound hypocritical of me to say I love the cold despite coming from a town that didn’t know the meaning of cold. Well, winter also meant holidays for me and my parents, more often than not, planned a trip for the holidays. So yea, I got to visit several places across the globe and see winter as it was meant to be, cold.

But I had never lived in places like these before.

I hadn’t seen the autumn leave. I hadn’t noticed the bare trees or the frost on the grass.

Europe gave me the chance to be a part of all this.

I realize now that winter is more of a gloomy weather. Winter is shorter days and longer darkness. Winter seems almost sad with the barren trees and the white grass.

And yet, there is a beauty in winter too.

The stark color difference of the pale grass and the bright sunset. The art that is each barren tree. The lives that go on despite all the gloom.

Haha, I’m realizing now how contradictory this blog has been. And yea, I guess that is what winter is.

Here’s to seeing the beauty in all the gloom. 🍷

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