Friday Night Out, Part 1….

She leaned back on the wall. Today had been…something. It had been a completely different experience for us. The problem was, she just couldn’t figure out if she was happy or sad at the end of it all.

In all her life, she had never been one for parties. She usually much rather preferred to stay at home, with a nice book or a happy movie. She had been the kind of the girl, who went to sleep probably around 11 pm and usually got up at 6, maybe 7 am.

But last night had been different.

It was Friday night and all her friends wanted to go out to the club in town.

It had been a while since college had begun and it had been hectic. It had been all work and not even any free time, forget play.

And after all that, they had finally got a break. It was a long weekend and there were no assignments, nothing to study, no pending work and not even any pre-reading for next week.

It was no surprise that her friends wanted to go out. And the surprising part was, so did she. It had been a lot of work, and she was ready to take a break. So she had been easy on herself. She decided to go out with her friends. She had never been a fan of drinking, but it would be fun to dance.

And that was how her night had started. She had gotten dressed up, she had let her hair down and she had left with her friends. They had caught the bus into the city center and it was a short walk from there to the club.

It was still comparatively early for clubbing, so when they got there, they were only 3rd in line. In the next fifteen minutes, a huge line had formed behind them. But staying out in the cold still didn’t suck that much. They were having fun, eager to get inside and start dancing.

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Everything seemed to be going well. She was happy. She was having fun. She loved enjoying with her friends and the gang definitely made it entertaining.

She didn’t expect anything to get different. She was comfortable and she liked it.

She was having fun. But….

To Be Continued….

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