Poker and My Opinion….

Before I begin, I have to mention that I know nothing about Poker, and the only time I’ve ever witnessed it was a couple nights back when my friends were playing. And here again, I have to mention that I didn’t play.

So watching my friends play Poker that day, for about the first hour, I didn’t understand the game. I mean, I read the rules sheet and all that, and I figured out what the different sets are and I found out which one is ranked higher and the order and all that. But I still didn’t understand.

I have to admit, I was also sleepy while this whole game was happening. And the truth is, I didn’t understand what was happening until another one of my friends walked in. He was on my other side and all of a sudden, I was sitting in between two people who were both playing the same hand together.

And after that, in about 15 minutes, I knew how the game worked. I knew what they were doing and I knew how to do it and I knew what was happening.

From then on, I was observing the game instead of just putting up with it.

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One thing that stood out to me was the difference between the players. There is definitely the one factor that luck does play a part.

There is definitely the one factor that luck does play a part. Ultimately the game does depend to an extent on the cards that you’re dealt. And well, as long as you’re not cheating, that is not something that you have a choice about.

The other and most important thing about playing poker as far as I observed was, using your brains and making sure you have a Poker Face!

Well, the game is about figuring out everyone else’s ‘tell’ and simultaneously making sure the others don’t figure out yours! Well, there is a reason it’s called Poker for a reason.

I suppose you could just ignore that factor and just go about, but at the end of that game, the person with the best poker face did win the most.

And after that, I loved watching my friends play. It was interesting to see how they played. It was fun to find out how well each of them actually knew the game. It was fascinating to see how much they were willing to risk and how far they were ready to go. It almost gave me an insight on the kind of people they were.

And that right there, was the best part of that game, for me!

Ps. Don’t judge. I am a fun person and all that, but I’ve never like to play Poker for some random reason and that was why I chose to stay put rather than play after I finally understood the game. Also, I’m not much of risk taker and didn’t want to end up losing money. Also, I suck at card games. And I’m going to stop there before I embarrass myself even more!

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