She knew she’d be fine…

She walked to the fence and looked over. Her legs burned and she knew she needed to stop. But something wouldn’t let her. She couldn’t stand and let herself take a break.

She felt like someone was sitting inside her head and knocking. Relentlessly. And harder and harder.

She kept trying to stuff her emotions down. Bottle them. Letting herself feel them definitely didn’t help. Bottling was the only solution she could find and it was the only solution that worked.

And yet, there she was. She had no clue where her walk had taken her. But where she had ended up was a pretty place. It was a beautiful picture perfect scene in front of her eyes. Today though, she couldn’t enjoy it. The scene around her barely seemed to register.

She looked out onto the countryside.

She knew she'd be fine...
She knew she’d be fine…

The sheep seemed to be grazing happily. They didn’t have a care in the world. For the first time in her life, she was jealous. She didn’t wish she could be a sheep, but she wished she could be peaceful like them.

Her eyes started tearing up. She didn’t want to be standing somewhere alone crying. But she couldn’t stop. Her eyes seemed to have a mind of their own.

Her mind was in a complicated thought process and she really wished she could just stop thinking for a while. That was all she wanted.

But as irritating as today had turned out for her, this new place made her peaceful. She took a deep breath in. She blinked away her tears. She was stronger than this and she knew it. It would only be a matter of time.

Soon, she’d be even stronger. She’d be able to move on. She could be happy. She knew it. She would be fine.

She just stayed there. Looking out onto the countryside. She stood right there by herself.

Slowly, her heart started beating slower. The tears stopped coming. Her breathing calmed down. She stopped thinking. She knew she’d be fine…

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