After All This Time by Nikita Singh, A Review…

Off late, for whatever reason, my love for reading has taken a serious hit. I seem to always end up not liking the book after less than 2 chapters in.

Despite that, I recently picked up this novel and fell completely in love with it.

‘After All This Time’ by Nikita Singh is the perfect Romantic, action packed, dramatic light read.

It is a beautifully written novel that captures the interests of the readers and keeps it. In my honest opinion, I couldn’t put down the book until I had finished it!

The story revolves around the lives of Lavanya Suryavanshi and Shourya Kapoor.

Lavanya worked at one of the largest law firms in New York, Paxton-Stark-Meester. She had been hired straight out of Harvard Law School and had been working there for a little over a year. Working her ass off for her job had become a habit to her just like ignoring her colleagues and ignorant boss. But when she finds out that she is HIV positive after an incident with a needle, she can’t take it anymore. She’d rather run away from her problems, even if she had to run back home.

Shourya Kapoor is tired of having to sneak in and out of his own house that he now shared with his ex-best friend Avik. He hated the idea of having to confront Avik or his now ex-girlfriend Deepthi. Months had done nothing to heal his pain of Deepthi’s betrayal. When he has to go home for his little sister Shreela’s wedding, nothing can make him happier.

Back in their hometown, old best friends Lavanya and Shourya finally meet after seven years. They are the perfect escape from reality that both of them need. They fall back into a comfortable friendship they had both missed.

Shourya helps Lavanya enjoy the happiness in life, helping her finish her to-do list. Lavanya provides Shourya with just the right advice to help him finally move on.

The story answers intricate questions like, ‘Will they help each other?’, ‘Will they fall in love?’ or ‘Will it all work out?’.

All in all, the book is an extremely interesting read. Nowhere in the novel does the author allows the readers to be bored. Instead, readers spend their time eager to know what will happen next.

With just the right amount of romance, action, fun, grief, and passion, this is one of my favorite novels of recent times. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.

I’d give it a 4.75/5.



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