Vivegam (2017), A Review…

So I know that it’s been a while since this movie came out, but I definitely still think it’s completely worth putting up a late post for.
Commercial movies have always had a way of capturing the interests of the audience, and Vivegam is one of the best commercial films of recent times.

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Starring Ajith in the role of the protagonist, the film follows the story of a man who is being followed by the army. Without going into the story too much, that man is, of course, the protagonist.

But what makes the movie good, is its perfect combination of great music by Anirudh Ravichander, perfect cinematography by Vetri and everything else in the perfect blanket under direction by Siva.

Parts like the climax that stand out from the usual climax we see in Indian cinema definitely makes the film seem even better to the audience.

Kajal Aggarwal in a new persona as the lead heroine is a definite treat to behold.

And of course, Vivek Oberoi’s debut in Tamil cinema definitely leaves no stones unturned.

Overall, the movie is a great watch and a definite must watch for all fans of commercial cinema.

I’d give the movie a 4.5/5.





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