Thupparivaalan (2017), A Review…

Directed by Mysskin, Thupparivaalan is one of those movies that came out without too much hype and yet made a stand, in both the box office and with the audience.

Tamil Cinema has always had the habit of adding drama to every story. This has been true in almost all Tamil movies barring a few. While this has become a trademark of Kollywood, sometimes, movies can be better without.

One of the recent films that forewent the drama quotient and stood taller for it, is ‘Thupparivaalan’.

One of the best films of recent times, starring Vishal, it is a ‘pakka’ detective story.

The basic storyline follows the life of a detective of the best caliber who has his own agency. He is a man of his word and ethics. He denies cases that would ultimately lead to tragedy. Instead, upon the request of a little boy, he takes on the case of a murdered dog. A simple murder soon finds complicated twists and turns leading to a very interesting story.

Overall, the film is not what you’d call a traditional masala film. Instead, it treads new grounds and attempts and delivers a new genre of film that the Kollywood industry hasn’t seen too much of.

The film boasts of good cinematography with its picturesque storyline and great locations. The cinematography in the final climax sequence is commendable.

With not too much of songs as such and instead great background score, the film has the perfect music to compliment itself.

Most of all, the best part of the film, and the reason for the film to be a success and capture the audience is the direction. Mysskin sets a benchmark for direction with this film. There’s almost nowhere that you could wish something had been a little different.

Overall, it is a great film that I’d definitely recommend to all.

I’d give it a 4.5/5.









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