Waiting in Restlessness…

She took a whiff, smelling the aromas that came from the pot in front of her. It smelled heavenly. This would be the perfect side for her new recipe.

With that, she was done with a starter, a side dish, and a main dish. But she just couldn’t figure out the right dessert that would go with the menu she had so far. Things she thought would go well, her guests wouldn’t like, and things her guests would love, wouldn’t go with the menu. This was the most confusing Dinner Party she had hosed in a while.

She gave up trying to figure out a dessert. She would have to go with Ice cream from the freezer. Ice cream just couldn’t fail.

She looked at the time. It was already half past seven. Her guests would arrive in less than an hour and they were rarely late. She would have less than 30 mins to get dressed if she wanted to lay out the table before they got home. It was good that she had already laid out her clothes. Now she had to simply take a bath, get dressed and put on her makeup. She was sure that today’s dinner party would go perfectly. At least she hoped so. It had to go without a hitch.

For some reason, this dinner party made her extremely nervous. But she knew she had to impress.

This would be the first time she had cooked for this side of her family. It was a new side of the family. Or at least, one she hadn’t known before. They would soon end up being her in-laws and maybe, just maybe, things might just work out. She couldn’t help but worry that it might not.

She knew that arranged marriages were not popular in today’s world. But it had worked for her parents, it had worked for her sister and it had even worked for her best friend.

There definitely wasn’t anything stopping her, so she was confident that she had a chance. But nervousness was something that just wouldn’t leave her alone. Only seeing this perfect dinner party through would ease her. And she knew she’d do her best.

She couldn’t wait….

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