Love Not for Sale by Anurag Garg, A Review..

So the next book on my list for a review is, ‘Love Not for Sale’ by Anurag Garg.

We’ve all read love stories where the rich spoilt guy finally finds love in the most unexpected place and finally turns his life around. With a very similar story line, what makes this specific novel different is how unexpected a place he finds love in.

Love Not for Sale is the story of Kabir Thapar, a spoilt rich kid. He is unable to handle himself when his mother passes away and it certainly doesn’t help that his father finds himself a new wife soon. Left to his own means, his life takes a downward spiral into drinks, drugs, and parties. His life takes another turn when he ends up killing 2 people in a rash car accident after driving drunk.

Now in a situation where he’s killed two people and no one to go to, he takes what money he gets and runs, trying to find a safe haven.

Without realizing it, he ends up in Old Delhi’s red light area. Shocked at the situation in these place and unable to cope with what goes on there, but without anywhere else to go, he ends up taking harbor in return for his money. What he doesn’t expect is to end up invested in the lives of the sex workers. He definitely doesn’t expect to fall in love with one. After years of running away from love, it finds him in the most unexpected of places.


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All in all, the book is a thrilling and very interesting one. A story that you’d normally not expect to happen at all, put forth in a believable way. A great read.

I’d give it 3.75/5.

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