Walking Through the Door Part 2…

She could still feel the sand under her feet and the sun on her back. It had a very calming effect on her.

She had always known that magic had existed. Some part of her just couldn’t ever stop believing in the world of fantasy. When everyone around her had believed that nothing beyond normal existed, she had refused to believe that life was that simple.

After years of hoping for magic, it had finally happened. It was by chance that she had happened upon an invited fairie. It was by chance that the fairie had finally trusted her enough to let them become friends. And today, it was that fairie’s big heart that had allowed her to escape from her grueling reality into this new world.

Just like some part of her had always hoped for magic, now, some part of her was afraid that this was all a cruel trick.

But she wouldn’t waste her time worrying. She wanted to absorb the reality of what was around her.

She could see the mermaids trying to get their backs tanned at the distance. She could see the gnomes scurrying around trying not to get trampled. She could see the fairies flitting about adding colour to everything around her.

This was everything she had wanted out of life. And today, she had finally got it…

A sudden flash of light jumped out from a distance. She could barely see from the brightness. It was almost like something had burst into nothing but pure energy.

She felt soft hands on her shoulder. She felt like there were at least 10 pairs of hands. This could be nothing but the fairies. The hands calmed her. If they were still here, then everything must be okay. She felt like they were trying helping her in some way. She knew that she was okay. She hoped that everyone else was too…

A voice whispered into her ears, “Blink thrice.”

There was something compelling about the voice.

She knew she had to listen. So she blinked thrice…

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