Walking Through the Door, Part 1


Pc: Google


She stepped through the door despite all her instincts telling her not to. She couldn’t contain her curiosity. She knew that this was a once in a lifetime experience. And she knew that there were only two ways this could end. She would wait to make the biggest mistake of her life, or, she would do the best thing she could possibly do. She knew that the risk would be worth it if it all turned out well.

The minute her full body was through the door, the room blacked out. All the lights went out. It was pitch dark. She couldn’t see a thing, and she could see her feelings fade away, leaving her numb.

Her ears picked up on a distant sound. It sounded like something was getting closer and closer to her. She didn’t know if she should stay and make no noise or if she should try and run for her life.

Something or someone stepped right in front of her. She could smell the stench of burning flesh. She took a silent step back.

A loud barking noise startled her from behind. It almost seemed as though a dog was standing right behind her.

She couldn’t take it any longer. She wasn’t afraid of what she couldn’t see, but she was afraid of what she didn’t know.

She squeezed her eyes shut tightly wishing she could be somewhere else, anywhere else. She was scared that walking through that door was the biggest mistake of her life.

A flash of light appeared behind her closed lids. She felt a sensation of pull like no other. She knew she had to open her eyes.

She opened her eyes to a completely different scene. She was on a beach somewhere. The sand soft beneath her and the water smooth before her. She didn’t know how she got here, she didn’t know if this was just a trick of her mind.

She gently sat down right there, feeling the sand in her hand. This couldn’t not be true, could it?

To be continued…

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