Rangoli’s of Every Kind…

One of the common things about Indian households is the Rangoli.

If there’s an occasion, there’s a Rangoli. If there’s a function, there’s a Rangoli. If the day means something, there’s a Rangoli.

Popularly known in Tamil Nadu as ‘Kolam’, a Rangoli here, is typically drawn with rice flour or chalk and is often full of colour.

When you think about it, a Rangoli is a combination of shapes. Geometrical shapes that we combine appropriately, that compliment each other and look better in the company of each other.

Haha, that might have been the worst way to describe a Rangoli even if true.

But altogether, a Rangoli is a beautiful sight that you can look forward to when you visit someone’s home.

What’s even better, every time there is a function in town, be it New Year, Christmas, Pongal, Diwali, the roads are painted with Rangolis of every type, shape and colour at every door step, wishing every person that walks by.

And that’s what makes Rangolis special in Tamil Nadu. People use it to talk to each other, and not just decorate their door step.

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