Start all over again…

She walked through the security check with her passport in hand. She couldn’t believe that it was finally time.

After almost 22 years at home, she was finally going to walk out, live by herself and maybe, just maybe, finally fend for herself.

She was already excited to start this new chapter of her life.

She had never had the opportunity to do something like this before. She had done her college education in her hometown. Being able to stay at home and ride to college and have the independence of staying at home as compared to the stringent rules of hostels had been exciting. It had even been a huge benefit on her side. She had had the flexibility of being able to stay out without a 6 pm curfew, and much more.

But after staying home all her life, she was a little bored. She wanted a new adventure. She wanted to meet new people, learn about other cultures, live by herself. She wanted to stand on her own feet.

And today, she was finally leaving. She was. leaving home to go and create a new home for herself. She didn’t know when or if she’d ever come back, but she knew she would miss it all. Nothing could ever be the same.

A part of her wished she didn’t have to go. But it was a small part. The rest of her couldn’t wait to start all over again…


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