Vikram Vedha, A Review…

Madhavan has always been the definition of ‘Chocolate Boy’. He’s the evergreen heartthrob of the Tamil audience irrespective of whether you’re 8 or 48. And yet again, he manages to capture hearts in his latest hit.

Vikram Vedha is an Action Thriller movie with all the right components for a commercial hit.

Starring Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles, the film revolves around the story of an honest police officer out to rid the city of all the criminals, even if it was only through encounters. Vedha is the head of one of two gangs that currently seem to be at war with each other, terrorizing innocent people in the process. Vikram is the kind of officer that is fine with killing criminals simply because he is sure that every single being he kills, is not innocent! This forms the premise of the relationship between Vikram and Vedha. Much like the ghost Vedala that hops on the back of King Vikramaditya and demands to tell a story and asks a question, in the end, the film proceeds as Vedha narrates several flashbacks, and the question at the end never fails to make Vikram question the simple line between good and evil that he has followed all through his life.

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The movie is a great action-packed thriller. Sprinkled with humor, romance and lots of suspense, the film ends in a cliff hanger.

The film is a perfect commercial success that you can go to the theatre and enjoy.

While the music might not have topped too many charts, all the songs by Sam C.S. manage to accentuate the movie perfectly and keep the audience humming along.

Cinematography, P.S.Vinod sees no big flaws and captures the essence of the characters.

All in all, Pushkar-Gayathri delivers a good film with a great performance from all of the cast.

I’d definitely recommend it. I’d give it a 4.25/5.

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