Only Time Can Tell…

It was hard for her to think back to a time when he had actually belonged to her. It felt like another lifetime.
She hated that today, she had no choice but to think of him as a third person she didn’t know.
It hurt, but she hoped that there was some light at the end of the tunnel. She definitely couldn’t even imagine an outcome that was otherwise.
The only thing that kept her going at this point was the hope that he would still be happy.
Maybe his happy ending wouldn’t be with her.
Maybe they just weren’t meant together.
As much as she wanted to throw the blame on God, she couldn’t. Some part of her still believed that whatever happened, happened for good. She might not be able to see the good out of this specific problem yet, but she hoped that she would some day.
For now, all she could do was focus on going strong.
It killed her that she couldn’t remember his face as well as she used to. It killed her that he wasn’t in her life anymore. It killed her that he didn’t belong to her anymore.
But she was proud of herself.
By stepping away, she hoped with all her heart and soul that he would begin to look for happiness elsewhere at least because that was what she wanted. Whatever said and done, she knew that she could never truly be happy with her life unless he was happy with his.
Her only choice was to hope that he would understand that she needed him to move on.
Only time could tell if he would do this for her…

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