A Heavenly Retreat…

She took the last step down the steep staircase that had led her from the top of the mountain to the waterfall that now lays just a few steps in front of her.
From her vantage point, all she could see was what looked like the top of a hill. There was a small pond. Water from the pond was slipping down a crevice falling below. She took a few steps off the trail and into the pond. As she peeped out, she could see that the water was falling off from what seemed to be like a falls. The view from the top was beautiful.
She stepped back onto the trail and walked down the final stretch that led to the water below. It was a breathtaking view. The falls pooled down another side and fell into a small pond.

She took the whole thing in. She loved the ambiance. She ran to the falls. The water pounded on her back with great force. It almost felt like she was having a massage.
She turned every way until she was completely wet.
She picked her way carefully on the slippy rocks and stepped into the pool of water below. She lay on her back, floating in the water.
This truly was a great retreat. If she could, she would stay right there forever.
She spent the next half hour floating around in the water. Every once in a while, she’d climb back to the falls and let the water give her a deep massage.
She had never had an experience like this. She knew that from that day, she’d spend the rest of her life looking for things that gave her a thrill like the falls did.
That feeling of holding on to the rocks to stop herself from falling, and letting the water fall on her. It was a feeling that rid her of all thoughts. She felt truly happy after a long time.

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