Blind Dates and Other Disasters by Ally Blake and Fiona Harper, A Review…


Okay, to start off, this book contains three short stories. They aren’t too short and I certainly would have loved to have each of these stories be a whole book long, but ultimately, they’re the perfect simple stories to take a break and enjoy.

And one more thing, of the three, I only read two. The book is supposed to have three stories namely ‘The Wedding Wish’ by Ally Blake, ‘The Blind-Date Marriage’ by Fiona Harper and ‘The Blind Date Surprise’ by Barbara Hannay. However, the copy of the book that I managed to get my hands on only had the first two for reasons that remain unknown.


So yea, the first story, ‘The Wedding Wish’ by Ally Blake. Of the two stories, this one is certainly my favorite.

It follows the story of party planner Holly who can’t seem to keep herself from falling for exactly the wrong kind of guy. And when she happens to run into (literally) exactly this kind of a guy, Jake Lincoln, she decides that she wants to get married and her friends would have to set her up! But do her string of blind dates work? Is Jake Lincoln the right guy for her? You’ve got to read to find out. But let me just say, tall and handsome Jake Lincoln is certainly irresistible and when the chemistry also works out, it can be mighty tough to stay away.

The second story ‘The Blind-Date Marriage’ by Fiona Harper. This story follows Serena, daughter of a rockstar. She gets forced on a blind date and she is sure that the guy is going to be the opposite of ‘the right guy’. With an abnormal upbringing, all Serena wants is the comfort of a guy who loves her and a family to call her own. But what she gets, is of course, a guy who never wants to get married. And sometimes, love just isn’t enough. You will just have to read the book to see if it all works out.

Alright, so I know that up until now, this blog post seems like a typical book review. I promise I didn’t copy paste. But moving on to my opinion, the two stories are simple and neatly written. They’re perfect for a light read and both quite interesting and warm stories. Me being the sucker for happy endings that I am, these, of course, fit the bill.

Kudos to the writers for the simple yet marvelous reads.

I’d give both a 4/5.

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